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Wency's Dog & Puppy Training


Group Training Classes  &  In-Home Private Lessons

Offered By:  Wency Elaine, Animal Behaviorist

 Please call Monday thru Friday between 9am and 1pm for information and times of classes 

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PUPPY TRAINING  - for puppies 3 to 5 months

BEGINNING NOVICE - for dogs 6 months and older





  Owners will be taught how to view their puppy from a new prospective. All family members are encouraged to participate which maintains consistency and harmony at home.

     Our focus will be on off lease puppy socialization. Hand signals as well as spoken commands will be used in class. The learning experience will include the following: sit, stay, leash walking, and the proper start for a recall. Some of the subjects the course will cover are: housebreaking your puppy, inappropriate chewing, garden digging, puppy biting, jumping up and other forms of unwanted behavior. You will learn to understand why these behaviors are happening and how to prevent them.

     Wency is the first trainer in Santa Barbara to offer Puppy Training Classes modeled after the successful methods originated by Dr. Dunbar, an Animal Behaviorist and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at UC Berkeley.

Class is 6 Weeks Long       1 Hour Each Week

Vaccinations Must Be Current




This class is designed for all dog owners who missed Puppy Training Class, and are now regetting it.  It is also for Puppy Class Grads who want to reinforce their earlier dog training.  Owners will learn how to train their dog to follow commands to sit, stand, stay, come when called, and walk on a leash. The focus of this class will be building a longer attention span, as well as clear communication between dog and owner.

     Novice classes are designed for dogs and owners in trouble.  Undesirable and individual behavior problems will be discussed along with the correct training methods to help you eliminate the problems. You will learn how to get quick control of your dog while building a positive relationship.

Class is 6 weeks long          1 hour each week

Vaccinations Must Be Current  




Wency Elaine

Animal Behaviorist

As an animal trainer, Wency has over 30 years experience. She has worked with many different species, domestic as well as eoxtic.

     However, she has a true love and understanding for your domestic dog. She has worked in animal shelters applying behavioral training techniques to abused, neglected and abondoned dogs of all sizes and ages. Wency has been able to turn mischievous mutts into prized pets. Unruly animals that had been unadoptable because of behavior problems began to show improvment after a few weeks of her basic instruction.

     Wency has trained award winning obedience dogs for both herself and for her clients. She constantly updates her education by attending seminars and workshops given by specialists in the field of behavior modification. Private training of your dog AND YOU can be done in your own home environment, or you may join her group training sessions.